YSC3227 Machine Learning

Yale-NUS College


The goal of machine learning is to enable machines/computers to identify patterns from data, extract the patterns, and based on them, make an inference or prediction automatically. These capabilities are the core of artificial intelligence (namely, to make machines learn without being explicitly programmed using fixed predetermined rules). The applications of machine learning are immense, since nowadays we are bombarded with a huge number of various data from various sources. We hope machine learning can make sense of this huge seemingly random data.

This course focuses on the fundamentals of machine learning, including and deep learning. It should interest students who want to study/work in big data, AI (artificial intelligence), and data science.

Prerequisite: Programming skill in Python.
Textbook: "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning", by Christopher Bishop.
Instructor: Robby T. Tan (robby.tan [att] yale-nus.edu.sg)