Robby T. Tan

Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering,
National University of Singapore

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ECE: Visual Computing

EE5731 (Semester 1) is a graduate level module on advanced topics in computer vision.

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ECE: Pattern Recognition

EE5907 (Semester 1 - First Half) is a graduate level module on statistical pattern recognition.

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ECE: Computer Vision

EE4212 (Semester 2 - First Half) is an undergraduate level course focusing on the fundamentals of computer vision including the geometric and photometric aspects.

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ECE: Deep Learning

EE5934/EE6934 (Semester 2 - Second Half) is a graduate level module on deep learning.

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YNC: Machine Learning

YNC4216 (Semester 2) is about basic concepts of statistical machine learning such as regression and classification.

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