Robby T. Tan

Chief Scientist, ASUS
Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

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I am Chief Scientist at ASUS (ASUS Intelligent Cloud Services). I am also associate professor (on leave) at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS). I also hold appointments with School of Computing, Institute of Data Science, and NUS Graduate School (NGS/ISEP). My main research is in computer vision and deep learning (AI), particularly in the domains of low level vision, human pose/motion analysis, AI applications particularly in healthcare. I received my PhD from The University of Tokyo, and was affiliated with Australian National University, Imperial College London, and Utrecht University. I regularly serve as the Area Chair of top AI conferences like CVPR, ICCV, NeurIPS, ECCV, among others.

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Lab Members:

  1. Xin Yang, Jeremy (PhD student, 2021/01)
  2. Chen Yiming (PhD student, 2022/08, HTI)
  3. Li Shuwei (PhD student, 2022/01)
  4. Mikhail Kennerley (PhD student, 2022/01)
  5. Lin Beibei (PhD student, 2022/08)
  6. Xin Zhang (PhD student, 2022/08)
  7. Lei Qinqian (PhD student, 2023/01)
  8. Cao Xiao (PhD student, 2023/01)
  9. Guo Jingyuan (PhD student, 2023/08)
  10. Ai Yihao (PhD student, 2023/08)
  11. Yan Weilong (PhD student, 2023/08)
  12. Kuan Ji Jie (PhD student, 2023/08)

A complete list of former members is here.